Cairns Depot
11 Donaldson St Manunda 4870
07 4041 7199

Townsville Depot
18 B Lorna Court Bohle 4818
07 4774 6299


bringing convenience to good food” – individually wrapped fresh & frozen sandwiches, rolls, pizzas, burritos etc made in our factory
QCF Salads – prepared salads and vegetables for all occasions
Mrs Mac’s – individually wrapped pies and pastries ex Perth
The Outback Pie Company – North Queenslands own iconic pie
QCF Pie Sensations - our own gourmet flavour individually wrapped pies and pastries
Ready Go Eat – individually wrapped rolls, cakes, slices, muffins, donuts, etc from Australian Convenience Foods
Hinrichsen’s Frozen Mango – IQF Kensington Pride mango cheeks from Rob & Cheryl Vennard’s farm etc - Exclusive
Shaylee – fresh strawberries, frozen fruit, jams, etc from the Atherton Tableland etc - Exclusive
Sweet Hearts – supreme cakes, slices, portion desserts, muffins, etc - Exclusive
Bundy Juice – the best quality Aussie juices - Exclusive
Chef’s Pride – frozen fruits, berries etc
Hans Smallgoods – gourmet specialty lines only ex Brisbane
Four N’Twenty Pies & Pastries – the old favourite
Letizza Pizza Bases – hand made gourmet pizza bases ex Sydney
Helen’s – gourmet savoury filos, muffins, quiches, frittatas, etc ex Brisbane
Byron Bay Cookies – Byron Bay and Luken & May cookies ex Byron Bay etc - Exclusive
Health Cuisine – prepared meals for the school, health and aged care clientele ex Brisbane etc - Exclusive
Clever Cuisine – gourmet meal components for the hospitality industry etc - Exclusive
Herbert Adams Pies & Pastries – premium products in the typical Aussie style
Sara Lee muffins, cakes, slices, etc
Nippy’s exceptional long life dairy drinks and juices etc - Exclusive
Vesco pre-prepared gourmet meals and meal components
Xstreem – manufacturers of patented technology LED torches, worklights. Etc etc - Exclusive
Bulla Ice Cream – the healthier ice creams and yoghurts
Springhill Farm – delectable biscuits, slices & gluten free products & raw materials


11 Donaldson St
Cairns QLD 4870
P: (07) 4041 7199
F: (07) 4041 7399


18 B Lorna Court
Townsville QLD 4818
P: (07) 4774 6299
F: (07) 4774 8399